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Your campsite in Ariege is close to Foix, the prefecture, just 30 minutes drive. Foix Castle dominates the city from the top of its long towers. The rock on which it is anchored shelters prehistoric caves.

Château de Foix Camping Ariège

At the foot of the Pyrenees, the town of Foix is ​​a tourist hub that attracts many visitors to Ariège every year. About thirty minutes from your campsite, Foix will amaze you with its rich heritage. Indeed, the city has retained its medieval character with narrow streets lined with half-timbered houses including the Rue des Grands Ducs, street bridges connecting houses on both sides of the road …

The grain market, in the same style as the Baltard Pavilion, located in a magnificent square, was restored in 2009  as well as the two remarkable fountains of the city: the fountaine de l’Oie (1337) and another fountain of the seventeenth century.
You will also be able to visit the abbey Saint-Volusien and its famous organ of 40 games.

Foix,  has kept its magnificent castle overlooking the city of its high towers. It is anchored on a rock that houses prehistoric caves. This site was already used by the Romans who built a fort there to monitor the roads of the Ariège Valley.

History of Foix

In the year 1000, property of the Counts of Foix, powerful lords of the region, it is  a single tower and an enclosure. For two centuries, the fortress resisted, especially during the crusade against the Albigenses and the castle became the shelter of many persecuted Cathars.

Château de Foix Camping Ariège

Between the twelfth and fourteenth century, the Lords will make various arrangements in the fifteenth century is built the prestigious round tower. Unlike many castles, Foix will never be abandoned. It was almost the object of a demolition ordered by Richelieu, but the decision was not applied. Barracks then prison in the eighteenth century, it will be from the nineteenth century listed as a historic monument. Today, the castle contains the departmental museum of Ariège which in addition to the presentation of medieval weapons and armaments, traces the history of the site from prehistory to today.

To the north stands the square tower, the oldest, with its slate roof. The middle tower, dating from the 13th century, is characterized by its sculptures and coats of arms. Finally the round tower, Gothic architecture decorated with beautiful rooms vaulted hexagonal plan.
Many activities are planned throughout the summer season.

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