Discover L’Ariège and Pyrenees with your family

Next to Mas d’Azil – Near the campsite

Market Days :

Monday: Mirepoix
Wednesday: Le Mas d’Azil
Friday: Foix
Saturday: Saint Girons
Sunday: Montbrun Bocage

Le Mas d’Azil

Situated at 1.5 Km of the camping, by the road either by the path of stroll, our attractive village of 1500 inhabitants you propose all the businesses of food, the health services, the restaurants….

Other places of interest of the Ariège near campsites

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Xploria, The dumping in the prehistory

Xploria La forest to explore the time is a park conceived for the playful and scientific discovery of the history of the ground biodiversity.
In the course of the forest – Which follows the thread of time (of the creation of the universe until today and even tomorrow!), go off to explore the evolution of the flora and fauna…
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Sequoia Vertigo, tree climbing in Ariège

Adventure course at BayleVertigo

The Gallic village

frejus calanques

You can discover in family or between friends and in a original way the history of our ancestors the Gallic.