Xploria, The forest to explore the time

Ideal natural park to educate itself, have fun, get oxygenated in the Mas of Azil

In only 5 minutes on foot of your Ariège campsite, The Xploria park Offers you a natural course of two kilometers which takes you in beautiful adventures.
Conceived as a playful and educational route, Xploria explores the history of the flora and the fauna. To this end it redraws the epic of the biodiversity from time immemorial until the future times which get ready.

Xploria, the forest to explore the time is a park designed for the playful and scientific discovery of the history of the ground biodiversity.
In the course of the forest – Which follows the thread of time (of the creation of the universe until today and even tomorrow!), go off to explore the evolution of the flora and fauna: dinosaurs in the huge mammals, the tree ferns in orchids, first jellyfishes in the sleep of the Mauritius Island…
The wooden footbridges, the doors of time, the life-size reconstructions of disappeared animals, the botanical spaces and the huge illustrations of situation scenario will stop immersing you in the history of the Earth.
The tactile shop windows (real fossils and moldings), the studios of paleontological searches, the games of faces or still the playground of the animals of Xploria will allow you to cross least 1 o’clock 30 on the site. 3 hours by taking time to have fun and all day long if you also wish to picnic and to take time to take advantage to learn by having fun!

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